Treatment Timelines

REVERSED+ is not a “one size fits all” solution. It is tailored to meet the very specific needs of each patient. This ensures that we consider all aspects that would ordinarily reduce the chances of success e.g. availability of certain foods, methods of cooking, etc., and intangibles such as family support structures. With our guidance, you can easily implement the program at home and be actively involved in your healing process.

Our 90-Day Treatment Process


Initial Health Assessment

The free online initial health assessment determines where you will begin on the healthcare path to better health.

A follow-up remote consultation helps you better understand the program, as well as establish your health goals and expected outcomes.




Based on health goals and level of care required, you are enrolled into one of three 90-Day Treatment Plans.

  1. Basic Treatment Plan: Sh7,500 per month.
  2. Premium Treatment Plan: Sh10,000 per month.
  3. Immersive Treatment Plan: Sh15,000 per month.

See more on 'Payment Options'

NOTE: You may be required to purchase a self-care kit. Please refer to 'basic requirements for self-care'.


Medical Diagnostics, Environmental Assessment & Research Activity

These basic tests and assessments will guide your healthcare team to understand your environment, and the options available to you in terms of foods, physical activities, preferences and restrictions. 


Clinical & Nutritional Treatment Plan

Your healthcare team will formulate a clinical and nutritional treatment plan customized to your need. Think of this as a healthcare road map to guide you for the next two months. 

Your treatment plan includes medications and a guided path to their complete withdrawal, a diet and lifestyle plan, and a mobile app to record your progress.


Mid-Point Progress Report

Besides the scheduled weekly* consultations and reports, a major assessment is conducted after a month of commencing treatment. 

*The frequency of consultations per week varies depending on the enrolled treatment plan.


Patient Discharge and Final Report

A final progress assessment is conducted at the end of the treatment period, and a medical report is generated on patient discharge.

Based on current data,  71% of patients manage to get off all medications for diabetes Type-2 and Hypertension.

See 'Outcomes'.


Wellness Subscription Plan

Members' benefits:

  • Access to the REVERSED+ mobile app,
  • Curated video recipes,
  • Private healthcare webinars,
  • Free consultation at Mulatya Memorial Hospital 
  • A vibrant online forum,
  • Product offers and discounts from select partners.

The REVERSED+ Wellness Plan Subscription is only eligible to patients who have undergone the 90-day treatment plan and is highly recommended as it plays a vital role ensuring adherence to the program and long-term health benefits.

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