How It Works

The efficacy of Reversed+ is proven and has tremendous success. The program is based on medical research that was carried out over a period of three years for both outpatient and inpatients by a team of qualified medical professionals

Three simple steps to better health and control


Your REVERSED+ program begins with an online Initial Health Assessment evaluated by an expert Clinical Practitioner. The results of the assessment determine where you’ll start on the REVERSED+ path to better health and weight loss.


At the end of the Initial Health Assessment, we will schedule a free call with one of our enrolment advisors, who will review how the REVERSED+ treatment program could work for you. Within one to two days of this call,  we’ll email you a personalized REVERSED+ program recommendation and its cost. 


After enrollment and confirmation of payment, you will begin your exciting 90-day treatment process, and we truly cannot wait to walk with you! 

Clinically tested, proven approach


The REVERSED+ program is based on a clinically tested carbohydrate-restriction diet that is customised to your individual health goals. It puts pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes into remission while transforming the way you feel, look and sleep.


To ensure reaching your goals, you receive ongoing, personalized nutritional advice and commitment coaching. You get support at every step of the way to help you stay on your path to health and wellness.


As part of our care protocols, accessible medical supervision is integral to the REVERSED+ approach. Our goal is to help you stop being a “patient” and enjoy a healthy, normal life as soon as possible.

Which Chronic Diseases?

The program is currently focused on four diseases of nutrition, namely Diabetes type-1 and Type-2, Hypertension, and Chronic Pain Syndrome e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis. With our guidance, you can easily implement the program at home and be actively involved in your healing process.  

Basic Requirements for Self-Care

Depending on your health condition and health goals, there are minimum requirements that we require for you to practice self-care safely and effectively. See below for details on what a generic kit contains.  

Payment Options

Our treatment plans run for a period of 90-days and are payable upfront upon enrollment. Our partners however have made it possible for us to provide flexible payment options for your convenience.