About Us

What We Do

The REVERSED+ Treatment Program is designed for patients suffering from non-communicable diseases such as Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis and Obesity among others. It is an outpatient solution delivered through telemedicine, enabling patients to receive care wherever they may be.

“The drug-free remedy”

The program applies Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) which is a process of nutritional assessment and individualized meal planning in consultation with a nutrition professional. This approach aims to improve health and wellness throughout the body.

The program involves healthcare professionals such as Diabetologists, Physicians, and nutritionists, to monitor the progress of patients in the program and the efficacy of the nutritional plan on a regular basis. This enables us to make fine adjustments to the treatment plan in a timely way to ensure we achieve the best outcome for the patient. It is this aspect of close monitoring and guidance that ensures quality patient care and safety for the patient.

Our Vision

To eradicate from every African homestead, “diseases of lifestyle” using an evidence-based food-as-medicine lifestyle.

Our Mission

“Our sole mission is to take you from care, to cure”


Numbers Behind Our Solution

Reversed+ not only delivers a better outcome for the patient but is also a more affordable solution when compared to conventional treatments. Patients on the program gradually reduce their medical expenses as their drugs are de-prescribed, and their vitals continue to improve with time to the point of complete reversal. This greatly eases the financial burden on the patients and their loved ones, enabling them to remain productive, improving their quality of life immensely. 

Better Outcomes – Affordable – Evidence Based – Holistic  

Adhere to the program, get off all medications
Adhere to the program inconsistently, but manage to get off medications
Do not adhere to the program, revert to medications


Program History


Chronic Diseases Clinic at MMH

The chronic diseases clinic at MMH is started, with a nutrition-first approach to diabetes management, and using various Low-Carb High-Fat diets.


Observational Study & Book Published

Dr. Mulatya publishes a book titled "Diabetes and Other Chronic Diseases Reversed" touching on his personal story, and based on an observational study conducted at Mulatya Memorial Hospital between January 2018 - 2020.



Armed with know-how and experience, the team at Mulatya Memorial Hospital launches a telemedicine program to admit patients with chronic diseases, without the need to visit the hospital.

The REVERSED+ Treatment program is began.